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Whether it's your first purchase or your tenth, purchasing a home can be overwhelming. 

The Knoxville real estate market isn't slowing down anytime soon. I will help you determine if now is the right time for you to buy, then develop a strategy to get you in your new home with the least amount of stress possible.

My Home Buying Process

1. Is Now The Right Time?
Not ready to make a move immediately? Unsure if now is the right time? By asking you the right questions, I can help you decide if and when to buy. If now is not the right time, we can discuss steps you can take in the meantime to get ready!

2. Assess Your Buying Power
Part of my job as an agent is to be an "expectations manager". I will dream with you while also keeping your feet on the ground, and that means keeping you on budget! We will discuss not only the mortgage you qualify for, but the monthly payment you're comfortable with and any special programs that may benefit you. I will help you get a prequalification from a local lender and you'll be ready to hit the ground running! 

3. Let's Meet Up!
Before you even think about opening your Zillow app, we will get together to make a plan (okay, I know you've been online hunting for months already). Your needs extend beyond the number of beds and baths so we will dive deep into all the factors that will impact your choices. I will ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening and note taking.

4. Shop Till You (Don't) Drop
The time has come to tour the houses that meet your criteria. It can be tempting to see but as your guide, I will help you narrow down the list of prospects to protect your time and energy and keep you loving the process. Because buyers can get distracted envisioning improvements or where the tv will go, I will be looking up, down, and all around for potential issues or deal breakers. When you do find the one, I will review all the information available with you to ensure you are making a smart investment.

5. Write A Winning Offer
A "winning" offer needs to not only get you the home, but at a price and terms that also feel like a win to you! Whether it's scoring a deal or beating out multiple offers, my process for securing your dream home has a winning track record.

6. From Contract to Close
This is where the true value of a great agent is realized. Between inspections, appraisals, underwriting, document and title review, settlement prep, and the hundreds of possible stumbling blocks that can arise in escrow, you'll be happy you have an advocate who is fighting to get you to the finish line.

I pride myself on exceptional communication and education. Throughout the entire buying process, I promise you will stay in the know and always be prepared for what to expect next.

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