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Whether you're upsizing, downsizing, moving out of state, or just down the street, there's a lot more that goes into selling a home than placing a sign in your yard.

I don't want to just sell your home. I want to sell it for the highest profit to you, with the best terms, all while making it feel as stress-free as possible.

My Home Selling Process

1. Determine The Best Strategy
When to sell, how much to list for, to renovate or not to renovate - there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. During my initial tour of your home, we will discuss your personal circumstances, motivating factors, and goals that will influence our approach to selling your home for the highest profit and least amount of stress.

2. Prepare To Wow
Based on your personalized strategy, we will create a clear plan to get your home show ready. This is as much an art as it is a science and is hugely impactful to the success of the sale - and one of my favorite parts. But no worries, we will only tackle the projects that reduce inspection stress or bring a return on your investment.


3. Photos, Measurements, Floor Plans, OH MY!
Buyers expect beautiful, light, professional photos - that's a must. But because it is my goal to get you the highest profit and the best terms, I also offer virtual tours, floor plans, and professionally measured square footage. This not only helps potential buyers envision themselves in the space, but can potentially support a more favorable appraisal. 

4. The Price Is Right
To catch the right buyer's eye, it is important to debut on the market with a not-too-high or a not-too-low listing price. That is why we will revisit our original pricing strategy and adjust for any market shifts, home prep factors, or changes in your goals or circumstance, if needed. 

5. It's All In The Marketing
Of course, your listing will be shared on hundreds of websites buyers look to most, as well as all my social media channels, in private Facebook groups, and through my personal network of Realtors. Your home will have its very own webpage that will showcase it better than any MLS listing could. I also like to think outside the internet to market your unique property. Would you have thought to place a banner on the roof of a home for sale next to an airbase? That's the kind of marketing you'll get with me! 

6. It's Showtime, Baby!
As buyers flock to your well prepared home, I will help you coordinate and monitor showings and open houses and field the myriad of questions that will come our way. I will also be seeking out feedback from other agents to see if we need to make any adjustments to our strategy. When an offer arrives, we will thoroughly review it together, ensuring know how each term will impact you so you can make a well informed decision or counter offer.

6. The Road To Closing
Whew! While many of the time consuming tasks are behind you, there's much more to navigate ahead. I will stay on top of the buyer's agent, their lender, and the title company to ensure things are moving along and catch any issues early. From negotiating inspection repairs to ensuring appraisers have the data they need to support the purchase price, I am by your side every step of the way.

Your Deep Cleaning Is On Me!

I bet you've heard that a fresh coat of neutral paint gives the best return on your investment. But did you know that a clean and decluttered home could net you even more? That is why I provide a professional deep cleaning and light strategic staging to every seller. I want to ensure you reap the benefits without having to add one more thing to your to-do list.

I pride myself on exceptional communication and education. Throughout the entire buying process, I promise you will stay in the know and always be prepared for what to expect next.

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